A Journey Begins

Session 02
Lucy's In This Guy

Pulling into a rest stop, our heroes(?) found themselves tempted by the culinary skills of a bunch of hippies. Having not eaten in hours, Lee and James joined the patchouli-scented festivities against Leroy's advice (natch), and inevitably embroiled them all in a terrible brawl.

They made off with a list of loot:

  • couple bags of groceries
  • some LSD, a brick of hash
  • an almost full tank of gas in the hippy van (flower decals included)
  • 2 patchouli-scented sleeping bags
  • a 4-person pop-up tent
Session 01
Daft Souls

The journey began with the factory closing, leaving our adventurers out of their jobs.

Then they sold their souls to a demon by way of employment contract, the dumbasses.

Queue the road trip of a lifetime, which Leroy definitely warned them wasn't going to go well. (Spoiler alert: it would indeed not go well)


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