A Journey Begins

Session 05
Nun Pizza with Left Sheep

In Butte's End, WY, the boys' bus full of nuns stopped for the night.

A demon turned them all to sheep and it was up to our intrepid troop to fix things after James had eaten a baby.

One blood portal and crazy tv man later and they'd managed to fix said things, as well as possibly gained an ally (definitely gained some sweet armor).

They reboarded their bus to head south into Colorado.

Session 04
Pryer Associates

They sold the van and met up with an old friend of Leroy's – Curtis Pryer, who graciously let them shower, eat and sell their stash of drugs before taking ownership of Leroy's dog and gifting them plane tickets to take them to Jacksonville, FL.

The plane crashed, of course. In Drummond, MT.

Session 03
The Orc Not Taken

Making their way into Idaho, the hippy van stopped at the campus of Boise State University.

As usual, they got in a fight- this time with Chaz, the star of the football team, and nearly died in their flight from said fight, flipping the van but finally losing their tail.

The van was in intensive care with a broken windshield and many dents, but clung to life long enough for them to escape the scene.

Session 02
Lucy's In This Guy

Pulling into a rest stop, our heroes(?) found themselves tempted by the culinary skills of a bunch of hippies. Having not eaten in hours, Lee and James joined the patchouli-scented festivities against Leroy's advice (natch), and inevitably embroiled them all in a terrible brawl.

They made off with a list of loot:

  • couple bags of groceries
  • some LSD, a brick of hash
  • an almost full tank of gas in the hippy van (flower decals included)
  • 2 patchouli-scented sleeping bags
  • a 4-person pop-up tent
Session 01
Daft Souls

The journey began with the factory closing, leaving our adventurers out of their jobs.

Then they sold their souls to a demon by way of employment contract, the dumbasses.

Queue the road trip of a lifetime, which Leroy definitely warned them wasn't going to go well. (Spoiler alert: it would indeed not go well)


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